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Fruit Bearers Outreach 

Birthed in 2009, it is a ministry designed to heal, restore and encourage women from all walks of life through the power of God’s word. We meet women just where they are and help them to gain a fresh start by believing and walking in the promises and authority of God’s word.

Chosen Vessels is a ministry for young ladies approaching adulthood that began in 2013. The young ladies are taught and encouraged to walk in sanctification and holiness. It is also a place of mentoring and guidance to support them in reaching their personal goals as they approach living independently.

Kingdom Kids is a ministry for the youth that attend Voice of Reason Ministries. They are taught the word of God in a language they can understand. They are also encouraged to practice what they’re being taught by demonstrating the ways of God through worship dance, skits, bible verse memorization and the sharing of their faith even outside of the church.

Jehovah’s Remnant is a worship dance ministry taught and birthed by Elder Francine Hunt and Elder Veda Wise. This ministry teaches not only how to express worship through dance but, also teaches why we should do such as it is written in God’s word.

If you're seeking a family-oriented, loving church family on the Westside, please come visit us at
Voice of Reason Ministries.

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Kingdom Kids....Cheri Giving HIM Praise!

Fruit Bearers Outreach Ministry
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